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Wednesday, April 1, 6:30 pm - Matins with the Life of St. Mary of Egypt and Canon of St. Andrew of Crete

For Lenten services schedule, please see the Services Schedule page.

Everyone is encouraged to come to confession during Great Lent. Confessions will be heard before and after the WEEKDAY services and by appointment with Father Robert.

FASTING SUGGESTIONS for those preparing to attend the Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts:
In spite of the fixed rules for fasting when preparing to receive Holy Communion, we need to remember that these rules are to be applied with common sense. General health, metabolism and physical exertion are factors that are to be included in the fasting regime. Given that the Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts is celebrated at the end of the work day, the following suggestions are offered:
1. Fasting begins at Midnight, liquids may be taken until 1PM
2. A light Lenten breakfast with liquids until 1PM
3. A light Lenten breakfast and lunch with liquids until 1PM


"Great Lent" by Fr. Alexander Schmemann is available at Amazon.com and at the HTOC book kiosk. You can read excerpts from this book here.

A Meditation on the Canon of St. Andrew of Crete

The Life of St. Mary of Egypt

A Liturgical Explanation of Holy Week by Fr. Alexander Schmemann

Father Robert has recommended certain short stories by Anton Chekhov as useful during Great Lent as we approach Pascha. They are available in several edition of selected stories, and have also been placed in public domain with a Creative Commons deed on the web site http://www.eldritchpress.org and have been reproduced here for your convenience.  You may want to print out the material for easier reading.

The Murder is recommended to be read at the start of Great Lent.

The Bishop and The Letter are the second and third Lenten readings.

The Student and Easter Eve are recommended to be read prior to the eve of Pascha.

Daughters of the Vicar by D. H. Lawrence


03/29/15 Sermon on Sunday of St. Mary of Egypt

03/22/15 Sermon on Sunday of St. John of the Ladder

03/15/15 Sermon on Sunday of the Cross

03/08/15 Sermon on Sunday of St. Gregory of Palamas

03/01/15 Sermon on Sunday of Orthodoxy

02/26/15 Sermon on the Great Canon of St. Andrew of Crete

02/22/15 Sermon on Forgiveness

02/22/15 Sermon on Forgiveness Sunday (Matt. 6:14-21)

02/08/15 Sermon on Sunday of the Prodigal Son

02/01/15 Sermon on Sunday of Publican and Pharisee/Meeting of our Lord

01/25/15 Sermon on Zacchaeus Sunday


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